Thursday, August 23, 2012

Madness and Olympians

Two days ago, Muse has released a song from their album “The 2nd Law” called “Madness”. Some of the fans weren’t as enthusiastic with Muse’s style and were always commenting about the dubstep. I, on the other hand, was playing it on loop. Muse should be considered as gods of music. They are continually reinventing and exploring their capabilities in music. I am positive that the album will be an epitome of awesomeness. The previous album, “The Resistance”, has surprised me and has grown into me. It is my favorite album to date. Smile


On a different note, I have finished reading Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero and I am amazed at Mr. Riordan’s expansion of Mythology personalities. He’s like a spider weaving an intricate web of Olympians and demigods, like tossing a bowl of salad mixing the Greek and Roman deities in the recipe. I am absolutely sure that girls will swoon for Jason if this will have a movie adaptation. I am so looking forward to Jason and Percy’s meeting. Will it be disastrous? I have a big feeling that they will clash but eventually be the best of friends. Please, Mr. Rick, let it be not too predictable for me. I’d hate to be amazed and disappointed at the same time. >_<

I have nothing but praise for Rick Riordan’s works! I bet he’d be an amazing English professor with a bagful of stories for his class.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The problem lies with me, I don’t confront people directly when they’ve hurt me. I might have done it only to a few trusted ones, if you’re one of them, then I trust you.

Many have hurt me without them knowing it. I am one of those who are in-denial and too trusting people who would always come up with an optimistic side of somebody even if the whole world is telling me to not trust that person. I am one who thinks much and ends up curling in a corner somewhere because of depression. I am the silent jealous type who nurses wounds in the form of blog rants, art, or music.

Sometimes I resent my “optimistic” nature, I am tired of being depressed and optimistic simultaneously. I am not stable. I am not coherent at this moment and I am depressed.

Nakakainis lang ung mga times na alam mo na ung sagot pero sa mga tanong mo pero nagtatanong ka parin. Nakakainis ung mga oras na wala ka naman dapat na ikainsecure o ikaselos pero nagseselos ka. Nakakainis ung mga oras na desedidio ka na mahalin ung tao biglang may hahadlang na kung ano. Nakakapagod na. Parati nalang, kapag set na ako na mahalin ang isang tao, na magopen up… nasasaktan ako. Ayoko na magmahal. Ayoko na ang sakit sakit na eh. Ang hirap umiwas sa taong hindi niya alam kung bakit siya iniiwasan, o kaya ang magalit sa isang tao na hindi naman niya alam na galit ka saknaya, o di kaya ang magpanggap na masaya ka para sa taong ito pero sa totoo eh hirap na hirap na kalooban mo.

Hindi pa ako ready magmahal dahil hindi pa ako ready masaktan, pero hindi mo naman mapipigilang magmahal.

Feeling ko nagpagiiwanan na ako… one day… ako naman ang mangiiwan. kitakits nalang sa heaven? haha

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bleak, Wrath, and Farewell

Thirst for joy and hunger for peace
The world gives you nothing; everything his.
Plead for happiness and cry for hope
They give you nothing but a piece of rope.

They say look up and open your eyes
Try not to drown in the pool of lies
Try not to succumb in the realm of deceit
Where everything lies in the bed of conceit

If I told you that you have to do this alone
Will you fight the madness on your own?
Or will you wallow in your fears and sorrow?
Will you extinguish the light for tomorrow?

Will you allow your cornerstone to crumble?
Will you relinquish the giants of destruction?
Will you brandish your sword and lift your shield?
Or will you kneel down and say you’ll yield?

Nothing will stop you, pursue your path
Regret nothing, face the aftermath
Value what is right and what is real
Desire will complicate the things you feel

If you have God, choose His side
He can see you, you cannot hide
If you do not, it is time to decide
Settle or hesitate; His arms open wide

I made this in the wee hours of the morning. I don't know what's the inspiration or the reason for this urge to write a poem... it just came to me. Another one of the poems that begged to be written, this was. I do not understand myself nor do I try, so I let the words flow out of my head and into my hands and they type. Anyway, here are the other poems...

Summon the soldier of hearts
Brace the archers, release the darts
Bathe in the shower of asphyxiation
A torrent of flowery admiration

Chiselled promises carved in stones
Plunged in a fissure with broken bones
Pupils dilate with searing hate
Unending curses of the irate

Whisk the undiluted potion of pain
Pour it to the brim of absolute strain
Mix it with uncouth and the uncanny
Billow the Ares of gory history

Astounding dementia swallowed whole
Eyes of the weary, black as coal
Consumed by nothing but the dusk of dawn
Devoured irrevocably by the unknown


Farewell my friend, I bid you goodbye
Farewell my friend, part ways and sigh
Farewell to darkness and abomination
Farewell to madness and miscommunication

Goodbye to anomaly and self-destruction
Goodbye to oppression and persecution
Goodbye to the hooligans and scavengers of gloom
Goodbye to you, my friend, goodbye to doom

Salutations to the governors of light
Salutations to the guardians of right
Salutations to the keeper of sanity
Salutations, warden of inner beauty

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Anyone who knew me knew that I had a lot of crushes but only a few knew of the “big” ones.” I have two kinds of crushes: the small ones, where I liked them because they were adorable or hot (these are the guys that my best friend and I called “play crush”), and the big ones, where I liked them because of many things… Let’s just say that the big ones were what you call infatuation.

I have a ritual with my big ones whenever I get crushed, and I am expecting to be crushed, because let’s face it, that’s why they are called “Crush” because they will crush you. Anyway, back to the ritual. I cried after being crushed. Don’t we all?

So what happens after this ritual? Usually, I move on. Maybe that’s why I cried, because I have realized that it was time to let go of my infatuation. That it was time to move on because he was not the one for me. It was time that I gave up any hopes. Mostly, I cried because I felt silly of getting my hopes up.

I wonder if I’m not likeable, or am I hanging with a wrong crowd and no one understands me? But I bet most of us feel that way. Misunderstood.

Whatever happens, I’ll trust God. He knows me more than I do.