Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Remains.

If the sun does not rise
Would I still speak of Your glory?
If the stars cease to shine
Would I still recognize Your grace?
If the mountains fall
Would I still feel Your power?
If the rivers go dry
Would I still know of Your love?

When all things cease to be
and they will be
You will remain
You are the Alpha and Omega
You will forever reign

When the people screams of despair
You will make yourself known
Even without Your works
Only You can inspire the hearts of these people
Only Your majesty will bring wonder
Only Your love will make them believe
That You are the God of forever.

This poem is inspired the song "One Thing Remains" sung by Kristian Stanfill.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guiding Light

It has been ages since I posted a poem in this blog, hence, I'm posting one now.

Guiding Light

Your light it will never waver
It never fail to let us remember
Of Your love, Your grace
Of Your faithfulness
Of Your mercies that are new
Every morning

The light You gave us
Continue to struggle its way out
Into the dark and damp world
This light wiggles its way out
This light cannot be contained
For it glows like the sun
The heat is searing
Our hearts burning
Passionate and resonating
The symphony that the Light brings
Is never ending.

The warm blaze inside is coming out.
This guiding light
It burns bright
This star.