Monday, December 13, 2010

Bakit ganun? may mga bagay na gusto mong kalimutan pero di maiwasan. Babalik at babalik parin sila maski anong gawin mo. Bakit may mga bagay na ang hirap alisin sa buhay? Na kapag inalis mo magmimistulang tingting sa kusina, ginagamit lang kapag kailangan.
Bakit minsan ang daming tanong sa utak mo at hindi mo sila masagot?
Bakit bakit bakit?

Friday, December 3, 2010

The beginning of an ending.

*Warning: Spoilers below*

This post is way overdue. I have watched HPDH last monday, november 15 andI have only blogged this now. I apologize to my blog conscience for postponing this entry. Without further ado, here is my take on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Like most of the Harry Potter movies, we begin with Privet Drive, where Harry lived his childhood days before Hogwarts. Harry, who was branded as "the boy who lived" , was now "The Chosen One" and further more in the movie, "The Undesirable One". The movie started with an aura of knowing darkness. It is like Lemony Snicket saying that if you watch further, you will see a series of unfortunate events. And so we shall. 

Hermione's family. Tears fell instantly when I saw Hermione  obliviate her parents. I sadly love this scene because the director , for me, is saying that Hermione would lay down her life for the Wizard world. It is not Harry's fight anymore, it is also theirs. These are dark times indeed, and Hermione's cleverness/readiness will prove their worth as the story progresses. This scene was so moving because it portrays a sad acceptance of what to come.

7 Potters

The 7 Potters. NO doubt about it, Harry Potter's visual effects are pleasantly improving. I was laughing when Hermione changed into Harry. Daniel Radcliffe imitated her well! :)

Flight from Privet Drive. I was expecting that I would have a chance to take a glimpse of what happens to each of the 7 Potters. How George got his hole, how Mundungus Fletcher fled. But I think it also unnecessary since we have a lot of ground to cover. 

Hedwig dies. It was a nice twist to have Hedwig died because she saved Harry. I have no qualms about that. 


What I like about this movie is that it mixes a heart wrenching scene with some humor and you can purely laugh at the pun. That was what I saw when George's ear was shot by a spell. My eyes were brimming with tears from Hermione's obliviate scene and Hedwig's death but George's "Saint-like" joke was still funny. Kudos to the red headed twins!

The Kiss. Another nice twist, purely unexpected that George would come marching in when Ginny and Harry was kissing. *clears throat* But! Ginny is a little feisty here, don't you think? Having Harry zip her dress? *raises an eyebrow* All right, all right, I just want to be Ginny at that moment, snogging Harry, the man of my dreams!!! 


Rufus. I did not particularly liked Rufus Scrimgeour's acting, for me, it's kind of gay. I was expecting something hard like The Fire Lord in The Last Airbender, someone tougher. But i have nothing against the actor. I don't why I saw some gay-ness. Oh well, never mind. I think I'll watch the movie again. harharhar.

Ministry of Magic. One twist I liked was the part where Ron kissed the woman on trial. Hahahaah!


Ron and the Horcrux. I applaud Ron for his performance in this scene. Rupert Grint did a great job! This was what I imagined Ron would be doing. Nice!

The dancing.  Most might see this scene unnecessary but I see it important. It keeps in touch with reality. They are after all 17 year olds, and they try to lighten things up. Harry was more of a brother to Hermione and this scene proves how tight their relationship is. It's like adding fuel to Hermione's obliviate scene. 

Horcrux. All right. This was epic. I was holding my breath when Ron was battling with the Horcrux. Torrid kissing there! 


 Wow. That was really jaw dropping. If I was Ron I wouldn't be able to kill the Horcrux. Movie version was great!

Dobby. We all know that Dobby dies.

Two lines that made me bawl...

"Dobby never meant to kill anyone..Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure"

"Such a beautiful be with friends. Dobby is be with his friend...Harry Potter."

THAT is just sad! Most of the HP fans I've talked with bawled at that scene, or at least got teary-eyed. If you watched Chamber of Secrets and you've seen Dobby's history, you'll know why we were so touched by this scene. 

The fact that Dobby died also made us realize that the Potter Franchise is really at an end. We have to wait for one more movie and then it's goodbye. UNLESS! they make back stories of characters which we would love to watch. :)

My overall rating for this movie is... OUTSTANDINGLY EPIC. More emotional than the Half-blood Prince and more engulfing. Scenes are not to be missed out. It is worth watching the second time, the third and the fourth time. Some may say that it resembles to other movies they have watched, I say, "This is Harry Potter, and that makes it different."

Thank you J.K. Rowling for giving us another world to immerse in.