Drawings, scribbles and doodles, or graphic designs
 inspired by the spur of the moment, songs or movies and shebangs. 

*Arrange from newest to oldest

September 22,2011

Computerized version of the previous one 

August 2, 2011


In response to "People always lie"

"People always lie"

An imitation of Peyton's artwork.



The epic line we heard from Snape.

"The Angel of Mirth"

July 2011

"I've got something to tell you.."
"Don't leave me..."

"Don't go..."

A short depiction of unrequited love.
 It will continue to haunt you if you don't let it go. 
The girl(unrequited love) is like a ghost that haunts the boy.
Inspired by one of the poems my friend did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Never meant to cause you trouble.." 

~Inspired by Coldplay's song, "Trouble"

"Trying to hold it in"

Inspired by The Used's "On my Own"

"sad agness"

"kiss from a rose"

"People leave"

Inspired by One Tree Hill's Peyton's drawing.