Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This cruel longing have started again
When it has barely healed from the pain
Many times I’ve asked, “What will I gain?”
This cruel longing is driving me insane
 I’ve lost focus on the true prize
To be a faithful follower in His eyes
This painful longing, please take it away
So that I can enjoy Your presence everyday

This year, I have I told myself (and some of my friends) that I will focus on my career and my ministries with God, next year na ang love life. I told myself that I would not be "kilig" for my crushes nor am I going to have a new one. And now, I don't know, I am being tempted to lose focus again. But I will pray for it, and I hope you will pray for me too, whoever you are or wherever you are. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

God is at work

There are no accidents when God is at work. You might have met an old friend earlier or maybe thought of a colleague earlier. I tell you, that was no accident. God must have put them on your way or on your mind for a special reason.

As you might have known, I am working in a Christian company. Every first Tuesday of the month we have a fellowship called “Big Group.” It began with worshipping God with songs then someone would speak. This month’s topic was Evangelism, and I am reminded of why I was called to be a Christian. I was reminded of the love that God wanted us to share with everybody. I was reminded of planting the seed even though you’re not certain who will reap. I was reminded that every living breath is an opportunity to share God’s love.

I am still thinking of the reason why God brought me to this company. He might be thinking that I was becoming stagnant with my walk with Him. Maybe, this is one of my answered prayers because I could faintly remember that I prayed for a sound walk with Him. I really don’t know what’s in God’s mind, but one thing I’m certain of… He is with me wherever this life takes me, He knows me, and He will be with me until the end of time. The clarity of His love is solid.

God is at work as I type this. I should have been sleeping but I was inspired to write about Him and His grace. I forgot to mention that I was in the music team of the company I’m working at and earlier, at the “big Group” sinspiration, we were worrying because we had only a day of practice. We were not prepared mentally for it, but through God’s grace and guidance we were able to lead the people to singing praises for Him. It was really a humbling moment because we all knew that we weren’t prepared, our fingers were fumbling, the keyboard was having weird noises, the lead guitar was having technical problems, some of the music equipment were not working, yet the people were singing, so all praises to God because he answered our prayers before we played in the sinspiration. It was so humbling to be used by God. I just couldn’t stop praising Him because He has been gracious to me, to all of us in the music team. God knew our shortcomings and still, however broken or unpracticed we were, He used us. He could have picked a better instrumentalist but He chose us. My theory was He chose us because He wanted us to learn from this experience, so that one day we could include it in our testimonies of His greatness and His grace.

I haven’t been this enthusiastic since… I couldn’t remember, but really,  I just wanted to praise God through this blog post and I hope that whoever you are, to you who have read this blog… if you ever wanted to talk about God, share anything about your life, do not hesitate to contact me, I’d love to hear about you and how has God worked in your life.

All glory to God.