Saturday, November 9, 2013

Still waiting


The way God has comforted me this day has been humbling. My heart has been bothered by the “longing” of this heart.  I have been fazed for some time because my feelings were raging and signs were telling me that there might be a “possibility” for something “good” in my love life arena. But as usual, I was wrong. I was overly thinking and assuming, and it hurts.

I tried to restrain the feeling but as we all know it’s hard. It’s hard to focus on God when temptations come poking around. I know that compared to other people, this is a wee thing but for me, it’s a big deal because I have promised God that I would focus on His ministries and in my career, my love life should come after or after this year. My patience was tested but through God’s grace, I am slowly overcoming it.

I was so sad yesterday and I was so close on giving up with this “possibility.” I was decided in putting some distance with this “possibility” and I have decided on restraining myself from taking the initiative of communicating. This evening, as I browse through my Facebook, his name popped up and God did something through him that made me smile. For you guys, I know that it would seem to be of no importance but for me, it’s like God patting me on the back saying that it would be okay, that I have to trust Him in this one, that I don’t have to be disheartened, that I should always find joy in Him because He knows what is best for me. He has comforted me by reminding me that when I begin searching for Him and His Kingdom, I would find something more than I can imagine. His love has brought me to reality that I don’t need anyone to fill this loneliness aside from Him who is able to do immeasurable things.

If you are feeling alone at this moment, when you feel that gnawing ache of loneliness, SEEK GOD, because when you find Him and when you ask for Him to enter your life, your heart wouldn’t be only filled by His love, it would be overflowing. Talk to God. Pray.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Be strong and take heart

I feel sad.

Do you know that moment when God spoke to you through your friends? When the answer you have been praying was another "wait for it?" It's frustrating but at the same time, it's liberating because you finally have the answer, but it's not what you want. Even when the signs say that it's meant to be, but God answers you with a resounding... WAIT.

That's when you have to pray for strength so that you may take heart in waiting. It's easy to pray for strength and for the will of God in your life but it is hard to really mean it, because we know what we want and most of the times we want something that is not aligned with what God is giving you at the moment. It is hard to be courageous even when you're afraid of what God wants for you.

But I know that God is faithful, He will not let me be tempted beyond what i can bear... I just have to wait for Him, for His perfect timing. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 1

Holidays are best spent with family. Whatever things you do together, whether you  be silent together or laugh together, your presence with each other is what matters.

What happened on November 1...

We went to visit my grandmother in the cemetery in Heavenly Peace, Cavite. We ate lunch at Kenny Rogers' and had our picture taken by a crew in KR. Next, we went to my grandfather in the Chinese cemetery, had a long walk...

Seemed like the usual annual thing we have in the family. So I guess, nothing eventful aside from we dined together which was a rare thing since we had our jobs. Still, I thank God for these moments because these are the times when I am reminded that even though my family is not perfect, I should still be grateful because I have one.

Praise God for holidays! :D