Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Him and his dream

You are the mystery that begs to be solved
A shadow that tires of light
A monster that pleads to be loved and cherished
A storm that wishes for solace

You are the warm breeze that soothes my worries
A rock that exudes stability
A sunflower that beams with the sun
So innocent, so soft, so fragile

You don't have to do this alone
Let me decipher you, let me bring you home
Le me show you the trust you long
Let me in, please let it go.

You are worried, I know
I can fend for myself, I cannot let it show
I can make you wait, but it will hurt you
I've been betrayed, I won't be returning.

I want you to see the beauty in the ugly
Let me cross the bridge to your wall
Take it slow, I am in no hurry
I'll be here if you lose control.

** A conversation between lovers. Odd stanzas for the lover and the even stanzas for the partner.