Sunday, August 14, 2011


Nostalgic yellow,

I am weary.

The buds I long for,

leaves of merry.

Breathe no more

the scent of folly.

Take a swig

of the glum revelry.

** A late entry for the 4 seasons themed poetry challenge made up by my friends ralaine and francis. The gates are open for reviews. :)

*** Oh, and I was writing about autumn. hehe. :P

Another one... but it's untitled, i don't know what to call it yet. haha

Hold on,
There's a story
Don't go to bed

I have tons to say
Won't you hear me?
Won't you stay?

It's barely bed time
talk to me
Don't let the demons
conquer my head
talk to me
if you don't want to see me