Saturday, August 13, 2011

" goodbye to love" to "you should date"

I don't mean to be so dreamy this early morning but you see it all started with the Korean drama series called City Hunter. My cousin was watching it so I have no choice but to watch it too. The main character was trained to be emotionless, to not be too attached, to not feel, to be numb and sturdy for their revenge. His adopted father told him, "Do not trust, do not fall in love." I was resolved to not fall in love, so I plurk'ed it. Then the ripple began, my friend responded with a song from The Carpenters, "I'll never fall in love again". I replied with another Carpenters song... "Goodbye to love" 

I was prepared to greet my lunch with a bitter countenance but I saw this article from my friend on twitter entitled: "You Should Date..." and it made me dreamy once again. This is inspiring, it makes you hope for the best, but the what if's are swirling like flies on my head, pessimism takes over... and I won't mention them here for the fear of spreading bad vibes. Even if I do not write it here, you'll be thinking the same things with me, won't you? 

What inspired me in the article was the differentiation between character and personality. Oftentimes, similarities bring people together, but you'd see their true character after you've seen your differences with each other. 

The person I want you to date has character. When you’re young, all you’re looking for is personality. Charm. Compatibility in music and book taste and food preferences. I think these are all well and good but character is what sustains a relationship when all of these things change. Personality is ever-evolving, character grows and amplifies in time. Character is when a person does beautiful things without seeking credit. It’s when someone doesn’t quit — even if every fiber of their being begs them to. It’s the ability of someone to graciously expend back-breaking heart-wrenching love to someone who has disappointed and failed them. Character is that beautiful thing that gets molded over time and experience. Be someone with character and never settle for someone without it.

I'd like to quote this too...

But the person I want you to date is a person who knows how to resolve conflict especially when it blows up in both your faces. Their ego will never be too big to own up to their mistakes.
And here's another article, I think a response to the previous article mentioned... link
These articles makes you go, "awww" and "yes! that is so true" that's why I love reading them. They are not love experts but they have nice opinions about it.

I've been berating myself to wait for it, to not think about it, but my environment is not helping! I've scolded my mind to think of other things or to focus on serving God instead but my mind is weak, so is my heart.the heart can't help but be infatuated and be confused. No, I am not in love. I'll know when I have fallen, that is when I can catch a grenade and take a bullet for that person. Love for me is not a petty thing that would make you go giddy and make your heart all fluffy with butterflies on your stomach feeling. It is something that would be engraved on you, something that will reside in you till you die. 

All  I can do is let nature take its course, make and sometimes let things happen. Life is still full of surprises, we just have to be pliable to its flow, our heads pointed to the sun.