Thursday, July 21, 2011

bizarre wednesday

I think that this is blog worthy that's why I'm writing it down. Yesterday, I have plans to go to MOA which i fulfilled only by different means. My Ae fetched my cousin and me, so instead of me going ALONE, I am with them. I was just going to check if I could reserve tickets for saturday because I have a movie date with my best friend. Guess what will we be watching? What else? Deathly Hallows part 2! We checked if there were available tickets for saturday, but the only ones there was for IMAX, which was 450 bucks. So, no deal. I asked for the movie schedule, they still don't know. So no movie tickets for me, we'll just buy tickets on sat.*shrugs*
The real story here was the people I met. I've seen 4 acquaintances... or I think it was 5... Well, let's enumerate. First, we were going to the department store and I saw a high school friend, a year higher than me. We said our hi's and hello's then we're off to do our business. When we were off to buy dinner, I saw 2 church friends, so that's three people already. When we were seated, about to order our meal, I saw 2 church mates again, who was my other cousin's friend too because they work together. When we were waiting for our dinner, another high school mate popped, she was going to eat dinner with her, uh, boyfriend, who was seated on the table behind us. So I guess that makes 6 acquaintances in one day. I don't know that's just weird. Small world, huh?

Oh and I just noticed that I blogged more on July than any of the months I have been here on blogspot. I wonder why. :P