Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be mine

Be mine

The moon was shining
and the stars shimmering
His face was glowing and amazing.

He asked if I'm okay
I said "I'm fine"
The he asked "is it okay
if you could be mine?

The night went on
his hand holding mine
After a while he said
"Your eyes looks divine"
A smile crept upon my face
I spke "you're crazy"
He replie,"I can't define the
feeling I have inside"
Again, he asked, "is it okay
if you could be mine?"

I left the question hanging
and suggested "we should be dancing"
He took my hand and helped me stand
the next thing i knew he was staring

my stomach churned
my heart beat fast
i looked up at him
saying yes at last.

***Author's note: Again, this poem was written in 2005, so please forgive my crappy grammar. I copied this they way I wrote it. This is making me cringe. LMAO! posted this for the sake of my "poem friends", to give you a bit or my background in poetry writing. LOL!

Childhood Sweetheart

Childhood Sweetheart

We've been friends for so long
I thought I've knwn you all along
I thought you were never wrong
Now you're like an unfinished song

All the laughter, all the sorrows
Things that we've shared
Once a story of knight and paramour
With their love so bare

Why, childhood sweetheart, why?
Memories are neglected and thrown
Then you'll leave with no goodbye
And end our story unknown.

***Author's Note: While I was in the shower earlier I thought of my little poem/sketch notebook way back when I was in highschool. I ransacked my drawers and found it, so here I am posting it for the sake of my "poem friends" hehe. This was written on January 15, 2005.