Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deathly Hallows 2 review

I have said this before, “I feel empty.”  This post was due the night before but I can't complete it because I am still mourning for the characters that died. 

For a Harry Potter fan, we all know how this was going to end. Without further ado, let’s start with the effects. As expected from a high-budgeted film and an experienced one, the computer graphics was superb. Hands down to the animators and visual designers, you’ve done a fantastical job. Once again, we were transported, or should I say “apparated”, to the glorious world of Harry Potter. Costume designers were awesome. Every dress, fabric and fiber made fitted like a glove to each of the characters, it made the movie more magical and at the same time grungy. The Goblin prosthetics was amazing. Sound effects were as expected, dramatic and melancholic. There were times when I felt like the scene was too silent, but I guess the director wanted us to savor the scene without the help of the music.

To be honest, I want to watch it again for the fear of missing some details that I need to write, I’m still in a sad trance, but I will watch it again next week so… I’ll just post again. Anyway, let's discuss the scenes.For me, every moment must not be missed. From the simple breathing of the goblins to the fiery breath of the dragon, everything was at its right place. I noticed that a lot of scenes from the book were missing, but as I have learned from several movie adaptations, if you expect the movie to be as good as the book then you will be disappointed. I believe that this movie was done with severe care, staying true to Jk Rowling's masterpiece as well as the art of movie making. This was not an easy feat, for Harry Potter has collected millions of fans all over the world, each of them wanting to be pleased. 

***Spoiler starts here highlight if you want to read*** 

In the previous Harry Potter movie, they opened with a heart-breaking scene, Hermione obliviating the memories of her parents, knowing the danger she's going to face. Now, the movie opened with a quiet but grave tone. Then the scene in Hogwarts, Snape as the headmaster. If you haven't read the book you would loathe Snape in the movie. I am truly awed at Alan Rickman's acting ability, the villainous side of Snape is still seen so is his vulnerability, the ache in his eyes as he duels with Professor Mcgonagall. His duel with Mcgonagall was radical (and short). I applaud his performance, he should win an Emmy or an Academy Award. The tear in his left eye when he died.. that was heart wrenching.. His death will be the most remembered death in the series and it was duly justified for his character was magnificently flawed but tragically beautiful. 

The Battle of Hogwarts was a beautiful mess. *sigh* I might start crying now, as I remember who fought in it. The bodies that lay unmoving, slain unmercifully by the fellow wizards and witches with different opinions about power and magic. I will never forget the bodies of Remus, Tonks, and... our beloved Fred. When I saw the cluster of Weasleys I was bawling because I knew who died. *sniff*

Another heart-breaking scene would be Snape's and Dumbledore's conversation. The word "Always" will have a different meaning now. We'll always remember the person who said it and to whom it was addressed. Snape's silent passion was so bittersweet that it made the readers love him in his last moments in the book as well as in the big screen.  

Now, on to our hero, Harry Potter... his momentous walk toward the creature who made his life a living hell. This dramatic scene was given to us as softly as the actors can. It was a resigned yet powerful moment. I just wished that Daniel Radcliffe could have brought more, but no matter, he still performed well.  

Oh, now I remember... Neville! Kudos to Neville Longbottom for beheading that gruesome snake, Nagini! And to Ginny, For shouting at Voldemort. Haha. I must applaud the Brits who made this movie as British as they can. It was truly awesome to have walked with Harry in the past 10 years... I believe that this will only be the start of many of the decades to come. Many more years of patronizing Harry Potter. This book deserves every bit of praise... it was bound to be a classic.

This should have been longer but I think i forgot the other things that I was going to say or put so, i'll just them in the next blog. Yes, there will be another Harry Potter review because I'm going to watch it again. I will be writing a tribute too.. so yeah, wait for it.