Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 goals


My Friday Bible Study group and I watched Frozen earlier because of a persistent group member who recommended it. He got us intrigued so we watched it, which we did not regret because it was fascinating. The ending was foreseeable because it IS Disney therefore we expected a happy ending but what I did not expect was how love was depicted. I am glad that Frozen has a timely moral lesson, something I haven’t seen since Lilo and Stitch. It has reminded us that there is no “love at first sight,” that sometimes we think we think withdrawing from people would avoid hurting them but it does otherwise, that love comes in places we least expect it, and that love conquers all.

Frozen was more than a love story. It was more than love at first sight, more than finding your true love. It was about fixing lost relationships, about being indifferent. It was about family. No matter what happens, no matter who comes by, nothing can ever take the fact that you are bonded with your family.

Frozen made me realize what my goals would be next year, since this year I have accomplished, through God’s grace, my goals for the year 2013, which was getting a career and focusing on ministries. God has been generous with both. I have prayed for a career where I would grow and love what I do, so far, I am loving what I’m doing and enjoying the people God has introduced me in my work place. God has also allowed me to grow in my ministries especially in music department.

Hence, here are my goals for 2014:

  • Relationships. Renewing relationship with current friends and family, hoping for a more Christ-inspired one. Severing ties with people who are distressing me and my relationship with God.
  • Ministries. I want to grow more in the music ministry whether in my home church or in the fellowship at work. God has given me two hands, an ability to hear notes and read them, and an electric keyboard, so I pray that he would use me.
  • Financial stability. I want to save money for my future.
  • Small group. I have been praying for a small group but only after I’m financially stable, but if God wills it on 2014, why not?!

Last year, I have 2 goals, and now, it has doubled. May I be continually reminded of God’s grace and may God be glorified in my goals.