Thursday, December 10, 2009

okay! here i go again. This is the continuation of my previous blog which was not finished because of my mood swing. hahha!!

My best friends and I went out last Sunday for some catching up and for a review session. my best friends, are going to take up  NMATH, an examinations for those who are going to pursue a career in medicine or those who wants to  be a doctor, that's why they planned a review session. anyway, they were discussing about how would their life be after they've passed the exams. Christianne said that someone told her that if she has any plans of having a family while studying med , she must abandon it. not only is med toxic but also life with it would mean social life devoid. Jawn on the other hand had set her mind in pursuing that career. well, i admire them for doing something to make their dreams possible. Anyway, when i got home, i was thinking of my future and the things i want to pursue. one thing i know i would like to be doing is to pursue a career related to my course. then, i thought of graduate school. i really want to improve my english because i really love and worship that subject. unfortunately, the subject is something that i do well, not pretty well, but just well. i still don't know all the kinks and high faluting words there is but i'm willing to learn them. haha! in my line of possible works, being fluent in english would mean more edge and the possibility of being hired. anyway, what i'm getting at is i want to study after i graduate. weird enough, students like myself would want to settle for a job but i prefer studying more before i plunge into the world full of deviousness and malice. yes, that's what i think of this world. it's full of shit. it's stinking really bad and rotting. 
this entry is a bit personal 'cause it talks about what i want for my future. but i couldn't care less if it does, because i know few people would read this. maybe none at all. hahaha! anyway, back to what i want to do after i graduate... the plans i have would be, 1st, get a job to sustain our daily expenses, then, pay of the debts me and mom has, and then try to save up for a house, not rental but real estate. along with those things, i plan to help achie cherry for shobe's tuition fee. if possible, i would save up for a piano maski upright lang ok na! hahah! then of course, serve God through my career by donating to the church. hhahahah!!! 
they say that money makes the world go round. i say, God does. hehehe. so if it is God 's will for me to achieve all the plans i've made, then good! i just want my life to glorify God to the fullest. 
God bless all the people i know. May God grant us peace and joy throughout our journey in glorifying His name. To God be the glory!