Monday, October 14, 2013

What do I have to learn?


What do I have to learn, O God, before I understand this pain that you have bestowed upon me? I have felt it a couple of times already and I feel like I haven’t fully understand what you want me to learn. Is this the time where you break me? Is this it, Father?

Oh Father God, when will I learn it? I am tired of feeling the same way. I’m tired of being so distracted and confused when I feel like I’m leaning towards you again. I miss you so much, Father God and I wish that I could be with you now, but I know that work must be done. Please, Father, let the Holy Spirit work in me, Father, that I would always remember your Words, your advices.

I would gladly pray for this burden to be lifted but Father if this is part of your awesome plan in my life… I would only pray for strength to endure it and to learn from it. I ask for nothing more than your Guidance, Father. You alone knows me and my heart. I pray that You would be my strength. It might not be clear today but I know You hold my life therefore I am at peace. I’m just confused Father. My emotions are reigning in me and it is difficult.

Thank you Father God for the books that you gave me to help me ease some of my confused thoughts and for giving me friends who I know were inspired by you to counsel me when I needed it. I am eternally grateful to You. I love you.