Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking Disaster


Walking Disaster, a follow-up to Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

An amusing book about the inner workings of Travis Maddox. The story that Beautiful Disaster had laid hadn't been changed only the perspective. Walking Disaster was a story of a boy who promised his dying mother to fight hard for love and fulfilled it at the end.
His mind was not a beautiful place to be, but because of his passion and drive, you would want to stay in his head to see what he would do. I guess, he would just do anything for Abby. From abstinence to kneeling and laying out his heart, he would do anything to prove that he belonged to Abby and that he was insanely and irrevocably in love with the girl.
To be honest, his version of love was scaring me because it was bordering on obsession. Their love was like a hurricane; it was so fast and so powerful that they didn't know what hit them. Abby was stuck in the past and was trying out the clear waters of the present when Travis appeared and brought the waves back in and the jagged rocks of the past.
I liked how this version was told.I liked reading about the Maddox men and the tightness of their family bond. Even though it was the same story, it has a different feel to it. The readers of Beautiful Disaster has both sides of the story. I think we just wished a longer epilogue for this one.

My rating: 3 out of 5