Thursday, October 11, 2012

MUSE - live at iTunes Festival

I have mentioned that I love MUSE, right? I'll cut to the chase and I will just post their epicness here. Enjoy!

Truth is I posted it here for bookmarking purposes. hehe. :3


I started watching this series last week and my adoration for Suits levels with BBC’s Sherlock! <3 I’m definitely digging the “Brain is the new sexy” line. I have also started fan-girling and I cropped these animated gifs that I got from Google and made it into icons/avatars. (Thank you Google!)

It’s official. Harvey Specter is my new Sherlock.

harvey-smile  sigh  bull  idea


More Harvey-licious avatars to come!

I almost forgot about the pictures from my Effie trinket cosplay… let’s just say that I will post my cosplay pictures here when I feel satisfied with it.

Toodles! Will watch Suits again! Accio January 2013!!!