Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just a thought

just a thought.
have you ever noticed that when something becomes so popular, religious people come in the picture and criticize these things? For example, when backstreet boys became a fad here in Phil. their song "As long as love me" receive so much criticism. Do you remember the back masking issue? that when you back mask the song there's a different meaning or interpretation to the song? or some says that something evil is singing instead of the band.. you know things like that...
even if i am doubtful of these criticisms, the main reason why these religious people (well, i know if all of them are sincere religious beings) comment on these fads is because they are hindering us from seeing the true reason of our existence... it's hindering us from seeing who we should be seeing, Someone who retained His popularity for centuries. 
Let's face it. Facebook, youtube, twitter, and other social networking sites distract us from the things that we should be paying attention to...
again, it's just a thought, nothing more, i don't seem to walk my talk anymore... *chuckles*