Friday, July 9, 2010


When me and the atc girls had our pow wow, i bought a pride and prejudice book. I had to buy it 'cause it is hard-bound and cost less than the brand new books. i'm almost half way through. I'm done reading the part where Mr. Collins got engaged with Charlotte, Lizzy's best bud. Naawa lang ako sa situation ni Charlotte kaya ako nagblog... It made me think of what if's... What if I am like Charlotte...a line from the book struck me, "This preservative she had now obtained; and at the age of twenty-seven, without having ever been handsome, she felt all the good luck of it". It's sad if you're in Charlotte's situation where in you are just settling, instead of being a burden to your family, you'd go and marry someone whom you share no passions with. In our time, you are really lucky if you got married without obligation; arranged marriage, pre-marital pregnancy, and the like. 

They say na you have to wait for the right one, so wag ka muna magmadali. They say na habang hindi pa dumadating si "right one" you go and play muna... Call me old-fashion pero I'd like to wait for Mr. "right one" Mr. "someone i could grow old with" or Mr. "soulmate" *chuckles* 

Anyhoo, I wanted to post my Fire and Ice pics here, but i'm feeling kinda "tamad" na eh so next time nalng.. gotta do my project pa. 

But before i end, i want to say thank you to my ever loving and noisy mom. hehehe. yes, she is noisy, but i guess that's who she is, no point in changing that. I want to say I love you, maski dito lang. Kasi sbi ng office mate ko na mommy na, iba daw ang feeling kapag ung anak nagsabi ng "i love you" sa mom nya. So here it goes, I love you Mom, we've had hard times, and we've made it through so i know we will pass through this one too. (hehehe, in fairness it rhymes) I doubt it if you would read this blog pero gusto ko lang makabawi sayo kasi puro hinanakit ko sayo ang ibang blogs dito.. so aun, thank you, sorry and I love you. 

hey i said it three times! yes! i mean it! :P

till next time,