Monday, August 31, 2009

new moon update

wah! i got this video on youtube!
jacob black talks about new moon! ooohhh! i really hope this movie turns out well or else! waahhh!it think i might become a jacob black fan after watching this trailer! kristen stuart and taylor lautner looks good together! don't you agree?! hahah! oh well, i wasn't an rpatz fan in the first place. only an edward fan as a matter of fact! hahaha!
anyway, enjoy this video!

and of course! a video of peter facinelli aka Carlisle at the twilight comic con! i'm really a carlisle fan from the start of twilight movie because edward did not passed my expectations. hahaha! anyway, he's so charming the way he flirts with the interviewer! hahaha! and ugh! he's so gorgeous! he fits carlisle perfectly!!!

wah! must watch video of peter facinelli! ahhaha! i was laughing out loud! he's really funny and adorable! hehehe! :P

another funny interview of peter facinelli and jackson rathborne! hahaha! laugh your heads off!