Wednesday, August 5, 2009

and then, there was muse

during my college years i was introduced to a genre i thought i would never liked. guess what genre? rock of course! i thought i would never listen to those punk bands wearing black mascara and sings like they lions in cages. but then college bands brought out the rock genre out of me. i started listening to alternative rock and a few metal.

i must say, a large percent of influence came from the series "one tree hill". ever since fall out boy made a guest appearance in one of their episodes, i started rummaging through one tree hill's playlists and albums. and i'm glad to say i liked most of their tracks.

some of the rock artists i enjoyed were, linkin park, the killers, red jumpsuit apparatus, nickelback, tokyo hotel, kate voegele, jimmy eat world, foo fighters, fall out boy, 30 seconds to mars, the all american rejects, green day, boys like girls, coldplay, the fray, gavin de graw, franz ferdinand, jack's mannequin, kings of leon, paramore, plain white t's, pink, switchfoot, etc..., and of course! muse!

i'm so fond of muse!!! i discovered them through stephenie meyer's twilight.. before the movie got out i was already a fan of muse. they are awesome. although matthew bellamy is an atheist, well, he's still effin' genius!! plus he is freakin' hot!!! hahahah!! i don't know, there is something in his voice that would make you want to squirm and squeal on your seats! ugh! :P hay! british men are so sexy!

anyway, here's a video of their version of "can't take my eyes of you". a good version, i must say... :P
*got this video from youtube.. poor quality i must say.. sorry...