Saturday, August 1, 2009

quiting facebook?

nah. not totally. but i'll tune in with moderation. well, recently, i noticed myself getting addicted with facebook and its games. it's kinda addictive diba?! oh,don't shake your head on me.. i know you did get addictied with it, in some way or the other... hahha!

i'm listening to vilma right now... (as if may relevance sya sa blog ko) hahaha! wala lng.. just thinking that she's one of the respected artists in Philippines' and she's really a decent one. i mean entering politics is a big leap for an artist. once you get into it, you can't help but get dirty and grimy because of the way how they handle politics. but there's something about her that makes you think, "no, she can be affected in some ways but she's truly an honorable woman" i mean, look at what she have done in lipa batangas.

anyway, back to my blog. someone made me realize that i'm not spending my time right. and it startled me, that i did wasted my time... and it's so effin stupid o fme to not realize it sooner! hay! at least i now know.. so... i'm moving away from facebook. maybe i'll visit once in a while... but not so much na.. hahah! so un.

but! i'll keep this blog alive. well for one reason, it keeps me sane cause it's a release for me to have my emotions poured out in blogs. even if my grammar's not that good or precise, i can keep a blog parin namn dba?! another reason is, yes, for the development of my writing. i really want to pursue a course on literature. i don't know if this is only my desire for now, i don't know if this will last long. but one thing i know, i love literature. yes. i love reading. words keep people alive. see how people in the bible are made alive by God's inspired words. i know God made us alive but apart from the people He used, He allowed words to be an instrument in His ministry. He allowed words to live through time so that we could see life before our time. He made these words so that He could establish His immortality or His glory to people from our history. these words were made to be used in glorifying His name. Words are God's beautiful and amazing invention for communication and expression. Words are God' given gift to us. words can be described with so much words that words won't be enough. hahaha!

till here my friends... got loads of work to do.. heehee! see yah! :P