Saturday, October 25, 2014


I could not remember when did I grew fond of stars. I used to doodle hearts on my notebooks instead of stars when I was in grade school. It evolved into flowers in high school, then I started to doodle less girly things when I was in college, but I couldn't remember when did I grew fond of stars.

I have posted before that I like looking at the stars. Everytime I would come home late, I would tilt my head up and marvel at these heavenly bodies. I would do that while walking, so that would give me a couple of minutes to admire the sparkling sky. What boggles me is my fondness with these wonderful beings. Together with my fondness of them, I like hearing about them. Most of the songs I love are about stars or has the word "stars"in their title or lyrics, like Starlight, Yellow, A Sky Full Of Stars, Catch A Falling Star, and other more. When and how did this fondness began?

Nevertheless, I sincerely thank the Lord for blessing us with these enchanting diamond drapery on our night sky.