Thursday, July 24, 2014

The 2nd Law

The 2nd Law is the 6th album of MUSE released on 2012. I could still remember the hype of the Musers when it came out. Some did not like the album because they don't like dubstep. Some liked it. Some said that it has too much Queen on it. No matter what people said, I liked it. Loved it! I loved how MUSE experimented on their albums. By the way, this was the first MUSE album I have on cd and I plan on buying a tangible copy of the other albums as well.

The first three tracks were my top 3 favorites in the album. My favorite track would be Madness, 2nd would be Panic Station, 3rd for Supremacy. Every time I hear it, I feel my head bobbing to it. I loved the rhythm of the song and the elements in it.

I was listening to a spotify playlist and it played Madness, and I realized that even though it was released two years ago, it could still perk me up. I look forward to their next album and what would their inspirations be.