Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One year

I am officially working for Imagine Nation Photography for a year! Yay! It’s my “workiversary” or something.

(Side comment: My internet connection was cruel to me. It showed four bars but I was not getting any connection from it. *sigh*)

I should be really glad that I have another milestone in my career and I’m glad, but I’m not ecstatic over it. You see, last week, we started to work at home or “home-based” as they call it and I‘m not really fond of it. Though it has its perks because you get to control your time and you’re not restricted to an office environment, I just liked the separation of location of my work and where I relax. I am used to the idea that I go somewhere else to work. So what would happen if we are home-based? We would be project based (less income) and we would be working at home (obviously.) Some of my office mates, who were graphic artists in the production team, have no qualms on the matter but seeing that I’m not overly productive at home, I saw it as a challenge. I have to manage my time wisely in order for me to be more productive and I have to look for extra income.

I am hoping to find peace and strength in Christ as these things happen. I do not know what the future has in store for me, but I find comfort in knowing who holds my future. I am hoping that my mind would stop worrying and my heart would stop crumbling. But you know what, I’m glad that this happened because in times like this I seek His face the most. I am stubborn and I tend to do things my own way but His ways are greater and His plans are bigger, it would only make sense to let Him handle what I could not, which I should have done in the first place. Then, the pieces would just fall into place instead of letting fall into a different puzzle.

Something Beautiful

Woe is me
Bitter with self-pity
Who will love me but me
Or the God who I trust
He will set me free
From this bondage of sin
The darkness within
No, He will not let it win
He is just beginning
He will mend my broken wing
And fix me right up again
Using my brokenness into something
Something beautiful
Something hopeful
Something true 
Something new
Someone who would say
I love you.

Too Late

Oh boy, you have no clue
What have you have done
Or when is your cue

Poor boy, you missed your chance
You let love fly by
Without a glance

Too late, boy, don’t chase her
You made her cry
She has found another

It’s too late to try.