Saturday, March 9, 2013


Before my thoughts scatter in the realm of the unknown, I have to tell you something that happened in our Bible Study earlier. Let me fast forward to the prayer requests… Our leader was asking for our prayer requests and most of my fellow members were insisting on praying for my love life ( and I dare not delve on the others’ prayer requests)  “God’s Best” as they coined it, our inside joke. At first, I was adamant to not focus my prayer request to my love life, but they gave me the “ticking body clock” talk so I caved in and let them include my love life in my prayer request. So I guess, I have half-heartedly prayed for my love life?
Anyhoo, after the prayer I got scared, ‘cause what if God readily agrees to my prayer and gives me a “love life.” I mean, yes, of course, I’d be grateful but I’m just really scared. I’m not ready to have a relationship. Period. I think I’m not mature yet to handle a relationship and I haven’t been a good Christian lately. If I couldn’t focus on God, what more if I’m in a relationship.  But if God would give me a Christian boyfriend who would bring me closer to Him, then, bring it on!!! I’d welcome him with open arms!

While I was lurking in fb, filtering through my unread notifications and news feed, I saw a goofy photo of my friend, then some mad photo manipulation by a friend. The photo manip , for me, implied that the guy was a cool dude. It occurred to me that some guys like to be cool in front of the girls. Well,  I want my man to be goofy and to be not afraid of looking silly or not cool. I’m not asking for someone who doesn’t have self preservation but someone who enjoys the moment and someone who laughs at their mistakes. With this in my mind, I draw my checklist.
  1. growing Christian (Protestant) (deal breaker)
  2. Taller than me (please lang ang liit ko na, tapos mas maliit pa siya?!)
  3. good mannered / gentleman
  4. speaks the English language fluently
  5. Potterhead (I dream of a HP inspired wedding. LOL)
Major turn on’s:
  • Cool Nerd. (Brain is the new sexy)
  • Potterhead
  • fluent in English
  • Book Worm
  • Smells good
  • Nice taste in music
  • sculpted biceps
  • expressive eyes
  • Manly voice (Alan Rickman-ish)
  • sense of humor
many more to come, I am sleepy. Will be updated further in one my next posts.