Monday, December 31, 2012

Cold Holiday


You would be amazed with my family and how they could dampen the holidays. Aside from assembling the Christmas tree two days before Christmas and the Christmas meal we should have taken together, you would rather take your brains out than hear the endless complaining and sermons from the older generation of the family.

For starters, we did not ask for a grand meal. Our wishes were simple, that we could spend the holidays together and just be a family, well, maybe have a few of our favorite home-cooked dishes. No bickering, no backstabbing, no sarcastic remarks, just pure unadulterated family gathering, enjoying each other’s company.

As you could sense from my blog rant, I am not in a festive mood. Everybody’s tensed, laughter was limited, everybody is just so tired of… everybody... and everything. So yeah, happy new year.