Monday, February 28, 2011


This entry was triggered by my goddaughter's homework. It was about the figures of speech. Funny, I had to look them up in the net. hehe. Just for clarifications , of course. I have been keeping a blog for crying out loud and I don't even know what are the figures of speech?! no effin' way.  hahaha! Anyway, I volunteered to do her homework because I know that I could do it better.

What really made me write this blog is the fact that I had to downplay my abilities to make beautiful figures of speech (not bragging) into simple grade-school level ones. 

You know how authors make simple children stories and turn it into a thought provoking one, that's how I feel now with the homework. Downplaying. When you downplay, the quality is poor and it's not self- gratifying at all. In life, it's the same, never downplay because you might regret the outcome later. Grasp every opportunity as if it is the last, especially in Church Ministries.

Lately, I have been downplaying my spiritual life. Is there such thing??? Well, i think there is.. because I know I can do so much more for God but I end up serving Him in a mediocre way. It sucks, really, to serve with not giving your all. We are all called to glorify the One True God, but we are not facing the responsibility head on. 

Words can be easily said but it is hardly done.I think I'll just wait until God prods me hard, or maybe when He slaps my head hard, and wake me from this insanity.