Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I crapped on my thesis

I swear after I graduate, that is IF I graduate, I will buy my own laptop!

As usual, I start my blog with ranting for that is the purpose that I made one. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, imma let 'er rip!

My monitor gave up on me. So I asked my friend for an overnight so that I can use her desktop and finish off my thesis. The sleep over was all right and it did great for my ads. But I am still monitor-less.

I went home with my thesis in my pocket and with a mission to find a monitor. I rang up my good friend from high school who lives 3 blocks away to borrow their monitor which I am to return by 9am in the morning on Monday.

I bought a P950 monitor with a broad back from a surplus computer shop in Gilmore. I worked with it for hours til midnight, then I went off to sleep only to find my CPU not working in the morning. The day could not have been more crappier, right?! 

CPU not working. Thank God my cousin allowed me to borrow her laptop. As soon as I plugged in to the net, i went off searching for Photoshop. Downloading took me the whole afternoon. Monitor crappy, CPU broke and crappy, and now the net is joining their league. What is this day? Bring more crap into Ana's day?! 

Now, I am full of this crappy vibe and I can't get back to my thesis. Only God can help me now. My head is now full of buzzing bees, who whispers "what ifs" and "why".  Why did I do this to myself? 

Thank you blog, I have unloaded some of my crappy feelings here to be archived. 

I am now wondering if I have studied the right course. If I am really meant for Advertising. They say that what fills your mind when you wake up in the morning is the thing you want to do the most. I wake up every morning wishing that my thesis was done. 

I wish I was a gifted writer instead. I really wish that.