Thursday, January 6, 2011

a bad habit of moi

I am supposed to be on photoshop mode but here I am typing away in this blog. This has become a bad habit of mine. Damn you social networking, but I love you anyway! *sigh*

Okay, so I bought a planner last year before Christmas and I am proud to say that I am writing in it! :D Yay! The cute thing about my planner is it's cute! hahaha! It's smaller than the starbucks planner so it's very efficient for me 'cause my bag is always heavy with coins and trash! :P It has a cute design too. It is cute. yes, it is. That is the word for it. Cute. Oh, add in "adorable" too. It's cute and adorable. heehee.

I am blogging because of lack of motivation. My thesis checklist is in front of me and I know what to do with... crumple and tear it to bits! *evil laugh* but no, i'm not going to that. *sigh*
Though I want to. But then, what will happen to my thesis? ugh! theshits!!! 

Lately I have been listening to Bruno Mars. Yes, I've only listened to him after my cousin downloaded some songs on my itunes.  So thanks to her, Bruno Mars has another listener. I specifically like his song "Grenade". It is just so dramatic and emotional. *applause* I think that's a trait of most Filipino singers, or half-blood Filipino, or 1/4 Filipino, whatever, I think that's a trait of most Filipinos, the emotion when they sing. The passion and the story in their songs make people love them. I am not saying that other countries do not sing with passion, i'm just saying that most Filipino bloods have this emotional sting to their songs. err, well, that's just my opinion. :P

What I miss most is the part of my childhood when I don't care what people think and the time when I don't have to think of responsibilities. I miss the part when I wanted to grow up fast and when I wasn't aware of the real world.

And there you go, another episode of my random thoughts. *bows*