Sunday, January 31, 2010

i was on my way home when i thought of something.. 
my prof discussed to us in our esthetic's class that people from the early cultures even before the egyptians.. bsta ung mga lumang tao.. na fat is beautiful.. kasi nung time na un malamig ung climate nila.. so sculptors fins fat ladies beautiful...
in our day, fat is somehow perceive as unpleasant to the eyes.. while skinny or sexy is  more appreciated. anyway, naisip ko lang.. cguro kaya natin preferred ang skinny kasi mas mabilis tayong gumalaw kapag skinny tayo. eh diba we are living in a fast paced world? cguro like those people long ago, who preferred fat ladies, gusto natin ung mga bagay na kailangan natin. 
ewan ko ah.. pero nabuo ko lang yan sa isip ko at gusto ko lang ibahagi.. hahaha!!!

anyway, that's all for now.. i'll try to blog more often.. okay?! :D