Tuesday, November 24, 2009

random thoughts

i miss you immensely....
sabi ko nga sa plurk.. it's like having a piece of your heart thrown deep into the ocean, with an impossible chance of retrieving it, because you can't swim.
kanina naransan ko na naman ang pagbugso ng aking puso. alam mo ung pakiramdam na parang may mangyayari... pero hindi mo alam kung ano iyon. pagkatapos nun, parang may humawak ng puso mo at unti unting pinipiga habang naalala mo ang taong gusto mong alalahanin... hay, ang hirap intindihin pero iyon ang aking naramdaman kanina...

it's been awhile since i wrote on my blogs... mostly on multiply... i don't know how many people have read my blogs here, but im pretty sure it's few. that's why i like writing here... few people i know can read it.

anyway, my life has been a whirlwind these past months.. we are still financially unstable... my bday was one of the worsts i had, but still am thankful for it. um.. i dropped my thesis and will resume doing it next year of november. i can say im stress free but i am not. hahah! i am having trouble with my sleeping habits. my mom and cousin says i have a sleeping schedule of a call center. hahah! hmmm.. what else? well, i know there's tons to tell but can't remeber them. it's 1:21am on my watch. and though i feel sleepy, i will finish this blog first. hehehe!

i like this guy who doesn't like me. i don't know if he does but for sure i'm not his type. he's a lot older than me and is fluent in english. well, there's my hint. hahah! well, i really like him, but i know it's a temporary like.. hehehe! so much for confessions.. hay... haven't watch new moon... ugh! am dying to see it!!! can't wait for friday!!!

one odd thing about me is the way i act inside the house. i am talkative outside and sometimes be weird in some people's perspective but when i am in our house... i feel the need to be silent. to speak only if or when spoken to.. here in my home, silence can be a comfort, a blanket to keep me warm from the coldness of words and reality. sometimes i wonder when will i ever break the barrier between this house and me? when will the day come when my laughter will not ring of bitterness? i long to hear my family speak of Christ as if He is the only one that's controlling our lives not this mere thing called money. a hopeless wish i guess but i know that one day it will come.. the day when all the enmities between my family members will vanish and be replaced by the peace and grace given by our Merciful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

til here my faithful blogsite.. till my next emotional outbreak. ha. ha. ha!