Sunday, July 20, 2014

There were times when all we wanted was to be left alone. Whether it be under the sheets of your bed or a favourite nook in your room, all we wanted was to be left alone with our own thoughts.

There were those times too, when we were overwhelmed by our emotions that we could not distinguish what we feel. They were all mixed up that they made you numb, until you go into your corner and be at it for some time. Slowly, you would unravel each emotion and the reason behind it. In the process of unravelling, you  would find yourself wallowing on each emotion. Then, you would come to a point where you would realize that wallowing was pointless, and then you move on.

There were those times too, when you were wishing you were blogging something more sensible and informative, but you just wanted to post a blog not for post counts but for the mere reason of posting your thoughts somewhere other than your laptop (which would fail you some day) or your brain (which eventually would cease to work... someday) or for the reason that you wanted someone to read your post and empathize with what you're writing and that you are not alone.