Saturday, March 17, 2012

I wish I haven't met you.


I wish I haven't met you, I really wish I did not,
I did all I can, but you let it all rot.
You made me believe all your lies,
Then you left me with no goodbyes.

How do you expect me to react
With kind words and a kind heart?
No, sir, this is my limit,
You've stretched me enough, I cannot take it.

What can I do, when you cannot see,
The things you did, the times you've hurt me?
I used to like you and your smile,
Now, I loathe you, go drown in the Nile.

Most of all, I hate it when you made me feel stupid.
You told me stories, but the truth you hid.
Shut up! Stop! Get out of my mind!
You're a memory best left behind.

* The result of seeing things you do not like to see, because it brings regret and sad memories. I saw a name that I should have not seen, and I remember things that I should not have remembered. Do you know Mouth of One Tree Hill? He said a quote that goes like, it's okay for him to take in the bad memories as long as he take in the good ones too.. or something like that... or I think it went like, give me regret at least I can have the good memories too. Well, in my case, you can take it all, I just don't want you in my life. You made it all complicated, you gave me heartaches and instabilities that you would never stand up to. You gave me stories and lies. You gave me doubt and you made me think twice about myself. I never want to experience that way again.

You might wonder who am I talking about? It's a very complex person, yes, I called it an "it" because "it" is a mixture of the people who abandoned me and I disliked. "It" is someone, who I squished all the people who made me sad for whatever reason, into one being. Get it? "It" is like a trash bin where all the trash is thrown. So there you have it, "it."