Thursday, March 15, 2012

Books and boys


Unlikely pair isn’t it, books and boys, but that was the topic of our friendly discussion last night with my graduating pals. We hung out at the “pav”, as we call it, and started spotting and rating boys. Oh shush, it’s a girl thing. It’s our version of “painting our nails and talking about boys.”

One particular topic that I love is talking about my second most favorite series in my generation, and that is, The Hunger Games. We were talking about how it became a fad because of the upcoming movie. We were wishing that the fandom wouldn’t be like “The Twilight Saga.” We were hoping that people would see more than the romance injected and focus on the relevance of the characters, the Capitol and the whole Panem.

The matter about boys will just remain in our complex mentalities. *sniggers* Aside from talking about those things we also tackled other friend-relationship matters. How some of them had trust issues, insecurities and back stabbing instances. It was refreshing to hear other point of views and also a revelation of the depth of character.

It was a nostalgic night for me ‘cause I have been dwelling in the “real” world for quite some time now. It’s certainly refreshing. Wish we’d do that often and we would be with most of our barkada.

Oh, and my thirst for Pongta Korean ice cream has been quenched. hihi.


That’s all folks! toodles!