Sunday, March 4, 2012

Classic thriller

“Psycho” was my first classic thriller. I have watched this movie because my friend recommended it to me and because it was the inspiration of one of his photography featuring… me. Of course, I was intrigue so I watched it, though I was a bit adamant of the satisfaction it will give my movie standards.
This was one of the most ironic moments for me. Do you know the feeling of watching a film with new computer graphics styles or has a 3d effect? Same feeling I had with this movie, but the irony was in the classic movie. It has no complex movie effects, no jaw-dropping computer graphics, nor head tumbling lines, you can see the glitches in the stability of the camera but you can see the rawness, the purity. It has this “new” effect for me. I guess I’m used to all the CG stuff that I have appreciated the simplicity of the film.
Frankly, I was demeaning the movie. I thought that I wouldn’t be on the edge of my seat, I thought that I would find other things to do while I’m watching the movie. I was wrong. I was engrossed with every action, paid attention to each word, looked for clues, tried to analyze the character and what made this film a “classic.” That’s why I can truly say that I enjoyed the movie.
It’s funny how we see or learn new things from the old. This is what the classics gives us. new things to learn from the past. No matter what, when, where, why, or how it happened, we could still learn  from them, we just have to open our minds.