Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pity not the illiterate
for they can't read
pity those whose hearts
cannot understand nor speak.
Pity not those who grieve or mourn,
pity those who cannot move on.
Pity not the scarred ones
for they have faced strife,
pity those who scratch their wounds
for they continue to resent life.

Another one

Oh yes, you guessed it right. Another rant page for me. What do I do? This keeps me sane. I can't tell this  to the person 'cause I'd end up smiling and the essence would be lost.

There are times when you are just browsing your FB and you see a status message or just a comment that would make your night crash. It happened to me, just now. Strange for me to be too affected when it's been months since I failed my thesis. It hurts like hell to see words like "graduate", "congratulations" "professional", "batch 2011" . I cringe inwardly but I've shrugged it off with a smile, yes, ALWAYS, with a smile, but they don't know how much it hurts. I've been optimistic for most of my years, but I'm getting tired.

I've always thought that I would die young. Well, I wish that I'd die young. No worries of old age, less people you'll see leave, lesser people who'll miss you. I sound like a coward, don't I? I don't care if I do, because it's true. I'm a coward. I'm afraid. I am clueless. I don't know where should I look for direction. I am where I don't want to be.