Monday, July 4, 2011



You'd think that the stars seemed few,
For most of my wishes didn't come true.
A lone star gave me a chance to see,
A proof that love is not just a story.

Why did the star find me, I did not know.
I think it's time, I think I'm ready to show.
This heart is capable of heartaches and sadness,
But it is best for laughter, tenderness and fondness.

Unexpected, it started that way.
Unbelievable, I've never felt this way.
The stability, the beauty each time you smile.
The melody my heart sings, each time I call you "mine".

Oh Star, be my constant companion,
Be with me, my fears abandoned.
Most of all, dearest star, be my friend,
Whatever happens, I'll keep you till the end.

** When my best friend saw my previous poem, she told me to write a poem for her "status" in love, so here is my attempt. This poem may not reflect my best friend's love situation, it has a life of its own. It is merely inspired by her.