Saturday, July 2, 2011

The windowsill

The windowsill

Lay beside me,
Take comfort.
Abandon reality,
I am your fort.

In your world,
I take refuge.
In your enthusiasm,
Dreams are forged.

Stand beside me,
Let us cry.
"We'll fight this battle,
Let them try."

Hold my hand,
Sing with me.
Find the others,
Raze an effigy.

Still we return,
Drinking forlorn,
To burning shadows,
We weep, we mourn.

Lay beside me, 
Heave a sigh.
Wake from your reverie,
Time left us, by and by.

I feel like jimmy edwards in one tree hill.

I want to hammer my heart
and stop it with a gun,
hoping to tear the pain away

I am so tired, so tired of hoping.
Exhausted, I am one step from falling apart.
Someone asked me if I wanted to live longer,
I answered no.
Who would want to live in this trash bin?

The humans think that the animals are dirty.
NO, we are the dirtiest creatures that God created.

I"m tired of arguing with my thoughts.
I now rest and wish for endless slumber.

crappy poem. crap my life. damn.