Thursday, June 23, 2011

old "small" grand piano

so hello again my blog, how are you in this rainy day? Are you cold? Here, let me give you a blanket. hahaha!

I was listening to classical music earlier (and I still am) and it reminded me of my college days at UST. When we were 2nd year or 1st year, we used to go to the Main Bldg.'s museum and we play on that old "small" grand piano. The sound was amusing 'cause it sounded like a harpsichord or something.. uh... You know how the grand piano sounds? The depth and the volume rings out when you play hard. Well, this piano lack that sound, it sounded petite, it was oddly high in tune. hahaha. i don't know. *shrugs*

I don't know why I suddenly blogged about this piano. hahah! Oh yeah, because I heard of Franz Liszt "La Campanella" and it makes me drum my fingers into an imaginary piano. I really wish that I could play piano that well. I want to learn those Classical scores. Every time I hear a piano played, my heart flutters.