Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ciao blogspot, I've missed you.  I wouldn't touch you if it weren't for my online friends. haha! We were talking about poems and  composition and stuff. So, "hello" blogspot for me again and "i'll come back to you later" tumblr.

I was supposed to write a sales report at this moment but i feel like i need to unload some of my mixed emotions. Before I delve into that, I am proud to say that I've made a new header for my blogspot. Yay for me! *clap clap*


For three days straight, since friday, I was out till 10pm or 11pm.  What was I doing out? Last friday, I met up with my friend because he was going to watch the Miley Cyrus concert at MOA concert grounds. Saturday, I went to meet up with my friends in Megamall for the toycon. There was a Harry Potter booth and since we're HP fans we decided to go together and marvel at the 4 original costumes from the Harry Potter set. Sunday, I went to church inthe morning and Toycon again in the afternoon. I have met up with my church friends who do Cosplay, my friends from UST, my friends from Saturday's toycon with their costumes and my Powwow friends. I miss them already. :'(

I wish that Sundays would last longer than any other days.


We were talking about Christina Perri yesterday and I am listening to her album. One song that my friends recommended me was "Arms" but I am drawn to "Penguins" haha. I  don't know why but I searched for the lyrics and here is what I found...

Can you find the time
to let your lover love you
He only wants to show you,
the things he wants to learn too
The hardest parts you'l get through
And in the end you'll have your best friend
Love like this may come once
Baby it's fate like a soul mate
He's your penguin
Baby it's fate
Baby it's fate not luck
Christina Perri Penguin
Can you find the timeto let your lover hold youHe needs somebody to hold too,his loves strong and so trueHis arrow is aiming for youAnd he's the one that you were born to love
Love like this may come onceBaby it's fate like a soul mateHe's your penguinBaby it's fateBaby it's fate not luck
Let go, let go of time for you and ILet go, let go of time for you and ILet go, let go of time for you and I
Love like this is all I wantBaby we're fateLove like this may come onceBaby we're fate like a soul mateYou're my penguinBaby we're fateBaby it's fate not luck
There. I'm  not a believer of fate, or am i? haha! I don't know.