Saturday, January 30, 2010

hello blog. you ask where was i these past few days.. hmm.. well, i was invited for an overnight in katrina's new house in quezon.. they said they wanted help for thesis. since, i'm available, i said i would come.. issues started to brew.. i don't know why but  i have doubts myself.. weird lng kasi.. hmm.. anyway, a new revelation dawned to me.. hmm.. how do i explain this,, hmm.. well, to tell you frankly, i have a difficulty in conversing.. although i'm friendly and cheerful, i find it hard to explain myself fully sometimes.. so sometimes i stutter.. sometimes, i tell people the conclusion of what i'm thinking before telling them what i'm thinking.. that's why my friends says i'm weird.. maybe it's the only child syndrome.. weirdness comes naturally.. hahah!!

other things, blog, i want to share with you.. um.. 
1.well, i found different philosophies in my life... heroes will never be heroes without villains or villainous circumstances. - which is true it's like light will not exist without darkness..

2. i was reading dan brown last week or this week i forgot bsta i just finished reading angels and demons. and although it's fiction, i strongly believe that someday God and science will work together. kasi i think science shows us how measly or how tiny our brains can be compared to the glorious brain of God. parang kaya we have science so that we can see that there is a God that made those things..

3. i have a confession to make... well, my daily devotions were not so daily anymore.. it's like once a week or twice a week na... and it's frustrating to know that i have a cell group to handle. it's so hard to tell them na it's really important to have your devotions daily when i myself don't do it. so, i really hope and pray that God will change my daily pattern and allot a time for him... even if it's for just an hour or 30 minutes. i just really want to talk to him for a while. have a deep conversation with him without any hassles.. it's been a while since i talked to him.. and i really miss him.. so much.. it hurts. it hurts to know that anytime you could talk to him but you can;t because of your selfishness and earthly comforts. it sucks that i won't even give him an hour a day but i give facebooking and plurking tons of hours a week.. it's just sad,.. so sad.. i can;t change it if i don't allow God to change me.. but then again, it's the work of the holy spirit that counts...

4. another confession, once i tried to share God's word to my friends but backed out at the last minute.. i don't know why i chickened out.. and it's such a shame, God has given me opportunity and i just tossed it away.. i tossed it away 3 times.. it's sad isn't it.. now i wonder, will God give me another opportunity?

5. i wonder if i'm really good for my course.. or if i am meant to be in my course... my head seems to function more slowly.. hehe.. 

wow. it seems i'm writing a long blog.. anyway, head's too fuzzy to continue.. imma get some sleep.. see ya later blog.. miss me.. heehee!!!