Thursday, December 31, 2009

last blog for 2009

What a way to end the year! hahah! blogging and facebooking! hahhaha!!
i was on a leadership training or retreat on the 29th til today. i got home around 3pm. Fun, is a word i could use to describe retreats but this one was more than fun, rather it's a test of perseverance. why do i say it's a test of perseverance?  for one, we were not prepared physically, sleep-deprived, and we haven't read what we were supposed to have read. with that being said, domino effect occurs. sleep deprivation added to the burden of the sessions, which was tackling the history of Christianity. although i'm a fan of history, my eyes weren't up to the job. 
so here i am, trying to "blog off" my feelings for the extracurricular events happened during our retreat. i'm now in a struggling mode with myself, the things i have learned in the retreat and the things i want to do for the year 2010.

first off, i want to share what i've learned in the retreat. being a leader is serious business. you have to put others before yourself because you know that God wants you to. it's hard considering that you must leave your bubble in order to please a Loving God, but worth trying.  i've realized that what i'm doing in my cell group is not the way God wants me to do, i must thrive for knowledge and wisdom, dig deep through facts and pursue details.
i've been pretty off in my spiritual life last month and this month, and to be honest, i'm not sure if i can pull it up, but i'm sure God can.  so, next year,2010, i'll devote myself in praying for a spiritual climb or any sort of elevation. 

gosh! i must finish this blog before 12midnight, lest the purpose of the last blog in 2009. hahah!

things i should have written left my mind while i was playing facebook. i hope i'll remember them before 2009 ends. haha! but i don't think i will. haha! anyway, i thank God for a pretty eventful year, sad, but inspiring and harsh but hopeful. i'm not proud of the wrong things i've done, so i say sorry to God, but i'm proud of how things turned out after my mistakes, because every mistake i've made added to the things i've learned in 2009. thank God for the people who stood by me. 
i'll spare you the melodrama by stopping here, the fireworks are starting.. so here's to a great 2009, may we have an even better 2010! make room for improvement! woohoo! God bless us!! happy new year! cheers!