Wednesday, December 9, 2009

before i do my research on my textile design plate, i'm gonna do my blog first. hehehe!
so, i just thought of pakikisama and pampapaplastik. both has something to do with people... i'm just wondering if there's a real pakikisama nowadays? i mean, some people are really phony, only few can you call genuine friends... this thought i plurked earlier, and a friend of mine said that genuine pakikisama is chill lang, ung nuetral lang at marunong makisakay. well, i agree with him. wala lng just thought of this ridiculous issue. hehehe!

i'm looking forward to our "Paskuhan" in UST. it's campus wide Christmas party for Thomasians. I wonder which bands are going to play. last year Bamboo was our main act and we were at the front row so we really enjoyed his performance. heheh!

so much for an update. hahah! ilang paragraph lng. next time nlng, nawala ung mood ko sa pagblog eh. hahha!!!