Friday, October 2, 2009


yes. i know i'm useless.
don't need to rub salt on my wounds
you don't see it
i'm badly bleeding.
wait till i graduate,
i'll leave this shattered home
go places i have never been.
all the harsh words i have endured.
all the bitterness that intoxicates this tired heart.
they will be burned by the scorching fire of anger
they will turn to ashes
ashes that will be blown away by a single breath
a single breath from the reborn.

grateful though i am
i can't suppress the unwillingness of your generosity
i am a bad child, i know.
just venting out
bitter is the home you have put me.
so bitterness it will produce.

anger due to strife
i long to sleep endlessly
a way of escape
never come back to this bitter state.
chase away my fears and my hopes
chase away my life
life begone, go!
carry me to the place i know
a sanctuary, a happy home.